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FLORENCE update:  Attention Shoppers: Did Anyone Lose 4 Feet of Water?

Normally folks come to the New Bern Farmer’s Market to see, to sample and to buy locally grown fresh produce and other farm products, to smell the sweet aroma of fresh baked items and to enjoy the wide array of beautifully hand-crafted items. And that’s the norm!

Along comes Florence who did none of the above and thoughtlessly deposited 4 feet of yucky water. And so…like so many of our fellow Downtown Merchants, the massive clean-up has begun. The clean-up consists of a thorough power washing of all building surfaces, tables, chairs and other contents followed by complete sanitizing of all surfaces to insure that foodstuff and other products are are not tainted by her rudeness.

This process should be completed early in the week of September 24th and we would hope you will appreciate the refreshed and sparkling New Bern Farmer’s Market on Saturday, September 29th. Our Saturday hours are 8 a.m. ’til 2 p.m. and 10 a.m. ’til 2 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Come on by and see our motto in action …MAKE IT, BAKE IT, GROW IT, SEW IT

Open Saturdays all-year long, hours: 8am – 2pm.
Open Tuesdays April through December, hours: 10am – 2pm

Saturday, Sep 22th CLOSED for post-Florence clean up

if post-Florence conditions allow:
Saturday, Sep 29th: Homegrown Fall Veggies, Handmade Arts and Crafts, Enjoy Music of Craven Ukes

What’s Cookin:  Meal Prep and Food Safety After a Power Failure and Flood

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Remember: SNAP can be used to buy edible plants and herbs including backyard vegetable garden bedding plants!