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Saturday Aug 3rd
The Stars of Summer: Watermelons!
Round or Oval, Seeded or Seedless, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Golden, Sliced, Juiced, Chunked, Cubed, Carved, Sugary, Succulent, Crispy, and Cooling, Bursting with Juicy Sweetness! Watermelons!

Saturday Aug 10th
The Stars of Summer: Cantaloupe!
Muskmelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe. All members of the Gourd Family!
All different in colors of flesh and rind. All deliciuos in taste! Choose your favorite!

Saturday Aug 17th
The Stars of Summer: Peppers!
Add to anything or use as entree. Most sweet, delicious green bells
Ripen to red, yellow, or orange Then they taste even sweeter!

Saturday, Aug 24th
The Stars of Summer: Eggplant!
Not just egg shaped dark purple but long skinny lavender, violet,
Golf ball white and green striped, Grilled, roasted, or in casseroles!

Saturday Aug 31st
Military Appreciation Day!
for Labor Day: United we stand! Divided we fall!

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Remember: SNAP can be used to buy edible plants and herbs including backyard vegetable garden bedding plants!