The market is made-up of a diverse group of vendor-members.  Please keep in mind that not every vendor is at the market every week…and that what you saw last month may no longer be available this month.  For most, being a vendor is a part-time venture on top of an already busy life.  For most, it is a creative outlet, passion, and/or hobby — whether it be raising hens for eggs or alpaca for fiber, making cutting boards from scrap wood or ornaments from shells, designing jewelry or a new felted hat, writing a thriller or inspirational poem, carrying made-in-USA flags or made-in NC socks.  You can find all that and much more at the New Bern Farmers Market.  And not just buy it but meet and discuss the products with people who actually know what they’re talking about.  The New Bern Farmers Market offers the freshest local veggies — plus a whole lot more!

New Bern Farmers Market:  open Saturdays year-round 8am – 2pm and Tuesdays 10am – 2pm ONLY April through December.

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