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New Bern Farmers Market…bringing you the freshest produce, baked goods, handmade crafts plus other specialty items for over twenty years.

The current New Bern Farmers Market has been in operation since June, 1984.  According to records and photographs from The New Bern-Craven County Library, there has been a farmers market in New Bern going back to at least the 1930’s in the vicinity of George and Cypress Streets.

The New Bern Farmers Market is the only year-round farmers market in area.  You can always find the perfect gift — one of a kind and handmade!

The market is made-up of a diverse group of vendor-members.  Please keep in mind that not every vendor is at the market every week…and that what you saw last month may no longer be available this month.  For most, being a vendor is a part-time venture on top of an already busy life.  For most, it is a creative outlet, passion, and/or hobby — whether it be raising hens for eggs or alpaca for fiber, making cutting boards from scrap wood or ornaments from shells, designing jewelry or a new felted hat, writing a thriller or inspirational poem, carrying made-in-USA flags.  You can find all that and much more at the New Bern Farmers Market.  And not just buy it but meet and discuss the products with people who actually know what they’re talking about.  The New Bern Farmers Market offers the freshest local veggies — plus a whole lot more!

New Bern Farmers Market:  open Saturdays year-round 8am – 2pm

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Join Us at the Market

a poem by author and market vendor, Earl Mills

In the 60’s at our beginning
At the curve on George Street,
You have had our undying devotion
Your satisfaction is what we seek.

If you haven’t already visited us
Then of course you’re missing a treat,
So come on down
We are right across the street.

A smile from our vendors
You will always receive,
And our Southern hospitality
For we really aim to please.

Our creativity
Is what makes us unique,
The vendors with their new fresh ideas
Each and every week.

If you like to read,
A book you will find,
To increase your knowledge
And stimulate your mind.

Whether you’re looking for something
To commemorate your favorite team,
Or a custom made item
For an occasion or theme.

The New Bern Farmers Market
should be your very first stop,
Because from where you are
We are only a skip and a hop.

The prices at the market
Well they are hard to beat,
Although the other competitors
Can only try to compete.

The market is not just filled with vendors
We are your neighbors and friends,
Buying from us helps the local economy
So everyone wins and wins.

We have hot dogs, hamburgers
And things you can wear,
And sweets so good
If you gain a pound, you won’t even care.

Whether a photograph of our beautiful city
Or a flag for the Fourth of July,
Sweet honey from bees
Or a sweet apple pie.

Local, fresh grown vegetables
Picked especially for you,
Will make a feast for a family
Or a romantic dinner for two.

So mosey on down to our New Bern market place,
Where there is always
A sweet aroma or a sample to taste.