Friends of the Market

Our Goal

Preserve the New Bern Farmers Market as a creative and vibrant community gathering place. Promote, locally produced food and goods. Support local sustainable agriculture.

Friend’s Objectives

  • To create and sustain a funding source for market maintenance and growth.
  • To build community connections within the market and to the market.
  • Create a volunteer workforce to help support the market and its vendors.
  • To assist with the promotion and marketing of the New Bern Farmers Market.

We need your help to sustain and grow the Farmers Market of New Bern. Your financial support helps to promote and maintain the market. Your gift of time can help to keep our costs low and build connections to the community.

Covid-19 Update

Like all businesses the market has had to make changes to comply with COVID regulations. Vendor booths are spaced inside the market.  Doors and garage doors are left open for maximum air flow. Vendors wear masks, use gloves and practice social distancing. Hand sanitizer is available on tables. Care is taken in handling money. Fabric tablecloths are not used. No food samples. Foods are pre-package when possible. Spaces are set up so there is a barrier between vendors and customers. Vendors remove everything from the market each week so the interior, including tables, chairs, doors, bathrooms, is disinfected. In addition, colder weather and an unusual amount of rain complicated the situation for vendors and the market. Even with all these challenges the market has stayed open.

a series of time placards

Gift of Time

We have tons of opportunities for those who wish to share their time. We can always use a helping hand with various market maintenance projects, market promotion, and with customer assistance.

  • Market Greeters – Our market greeters work whenever the market is open. They are available to answer questions about the market, promote the Friends of the Market, and answer questions about the local area.
  • Vendor Assistants – Our vendors often move lots of supplies and materials each market day, and some days they could use a helping hand to get ready for market opening and to take down at the close of the day. Vendor assistants can also help customers load purchases, etc.
  • Handy People – We have general maintenance responsibilities for our market area, including some building maintenance, table repairs, tent maintenance, sign painting, event set-up, and more. This work is normally done outside of market hours.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering your time! Email:

picture of flowers in a container

Become a Friend of the Market

Your monetary donations help to support market operations and maintenance. Your donations help us to offer special activities, and they help to promote our market across Eastern North Carolina.

Our basic level of giving begins at $25.00 per year. (No obligation for renewal each year.) As a thank-you for your donation, we will provide you with a Friends of the Market membership card, which when shown to our participating vendors, will be honored for a 10% discount on purchases. We hope to offer other opportunities to celebrate our market friends in the future.

(Please note: Vendor participation is voluntary, so not all vendors provide this discount.)

We are happy to accept donations of any amount. While we are a non-profit, your donation is not tax-deductible.

We hope you will consider joining our vibrant market community by becoming a Friend of the Market today!

If you wish to donate, please download our donation form and mail your donation to:

New Bern Farmers Market

P.O. Box 14845

New Bern, NC 28561

Stay connected to Market events and activities by following the market on Facebook.

Stay up with all the market community happenings! We invite you to join our newly formed Facebook group.

For additional information and volunteer opportunities contact the Friends of the Market Coordinator.